Farewell to events in Raunds

This first year of organising craft fairs has been a very steep learning curve for me and as with most things, there have been lots of positives but also things which have needed to change along the way. The Higham Ferrers Craft & Vintage Fairs, for example, have been a real success and it’s been great to be able to go to the market for a few hours each time to drum up business and hand out 100s of flyers. Unfortunately, the events in Raunds have become a bit more of a headache…Support hasn’t been great locally and although many stallholders say they have done really well at these events, I’m not as happy with the footfall which is really frustrating as I know how much effort I put into advertising. I’m forever having signs vandalised and spend a lot of money advertising in the Raunds Roundup and distribute 1000s of flyers to local schools etc. Although I hate to have to cancel events I also hate to put on events that I don’t feel confident will be successful for my stallholders so have decided that this is the right decision to make. I have been in email contact with all stallholders involved. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you can understand my decision. Thank you


2 thoughts on “Farewell to events in Raunds

  1. Mrs. Chris Holden says:

    I knit dolls which I sell for charity an together with a young friend we would like to know when you have an event in January onwards


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