Nearly New Sale and Craft Fair in Raunds

Yesterday was the first Nearly New Sale & Craft Fair at Saxon Hall in Raunds and I’m really pleased with how it all went! It’s always a gamble when you try something new but thankfully yesterday was a successful event! In the larger hall there were 25 craft tables selling all handmade items and as usual, there were plenty of compliments on the high quality of items ranging from chocolate novelties, hand sewn items, wood turning, book folding, preserves, greeting cards and gift boxes, crochet and plenty more.

In the second hall was a Nearly New Sale for people selling baby and children’s clothes, toys, books, equipment etc. There were also refreshments and books and colouring for the little ones. This room proved especially popular and lots of customers left with bags full of bargains!

Seeing as the Nearly New Sale was so popular, and as I unfortunately had to turn a lot of people down for tables as we filled up so quickly, I will be switching the rooms at the next one on Saturday 3rd December. This will also mean there will be more room for people to move between tables and prevent any traffic jams with all the buggies! If you would like to book a NNS table please email me for more info or get in touch via Facebook Thank you

The first hour was incredibly busy yesterday which was great and the second hour, as you might expect was a bit quieter. 3-4pm proved rather too quiet though so future NNS/Craft Fairs will now be held 1-3pm instead and all tables will be priced at £8. As with everything, you learn with experience so thank you for any feedback which was given yesterday. I do read it all and any constructive advice is always taken into consideration. Thankfully, the vast majority of feedback was positive with people commenting on the friendly atmosphere, good organisation and amount they had sold. I’m looking forward to the next one now!!

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