Possible new venue in Higham Ferrers…

Yesterday I went to revisit the Conservative Club in Rothwell to take some photos of the venue to show stallholders. Unfortunately I was really disappointed with the incredibly low lighting in the hall which somehow I hadn’t noticed when I visited previously. I feel very strongly that if I am taking people’s time and money then I need to feel completely confident that a venue will be a great place to hold a successful event. After much consideration, I therefore decided to cancel the events booked here. Good lighting is so crucial to show stallholder’s work off at its best and I feel that a poorly lit room wouldn’t create the best atmosphere. Such a shame as otherwise this is a fantastic venue…

Anyway, onwards and upwards..! I have been thinking for a while about other possible venues but now that we’ll no longer be using the Conservative Club thought I’d best get cracking on some new ideas.

I live in Higham Ferrers and often go to the Farmers’ Market on the last Saturday morning of each month. There are often stalls in the Bede House and sometimes in Chichele College but there aren’t always very many and not always handmade. Today there were around 3 stalls in the Church (mainly gift) and a plant sale in Chichele College Gardens. The Farmers’ Market always draws many people into Higham Ferrers so this would be a great opportunity to hold a successful event.

I’ve been to have a look at the Working Men’s Club on Westfield Terrace which is just round the corner from the Market Square. They have a large, bright, airy hall we can use (and they’re very keen for us to do so!) with space out the front and down the side for stallholders to park their cars. There is also the space for a bouncy castle if we sectioned off part of the car park. People are used to parking around the town for the market so I’m sure if I put signs up around the Market Square and gave out flyers they would walk round the corner to the hall. There are many large schools locally so I can also give out 1000s of flyers to promote it.

I would like to hold Vintage and Craft Fairs there on the last Saturday of each month 9am-1pm (same as the Farmers’ Market) with set up from 8am. There wouldn’t be time for me to get in first to set up but the tables would be out ready and stallholders could choose where they would like to go on arrival. There are tables there but they’re only 3′ x 2′ so stallholders could have 2 tables for £15 or bring their own if they prefer. If there is space and enough free tables on the day, I would be happy for stallholders to use an extra table. I would estimate there is enough room for up to 25 stalls.

So what do you think? I’d love some feedback. We could get booked in for July 30th, August 27th, September 24th, October 29th, November 26th and December 17th. November might be a bit of a push seeing as we’ve already got 13th in Kimbolton and 19th in Raunds but if enough people are interested I’m more than happy to go ahead. Thank you, Louise



Suggestions Please!!

Hello lovely people, I’d like to pick your brains please..!

I’m looking for a new venue to hold Craft Fairs, or possibly Handmade, Vintage & Gift Shopping Events and wondered if anyone had any bright ideas? I’ve been looking around for a while and can’t seem to find anything that fits the bill. The venue needs to:

  • be affordable!!
  • be bright and airy
  • be spacious – room for 30-50 tables ideally
  • have free car parking
  • be on a High Street or somewhere with lots of passing traffic
  • have rectangular tables
  • have kitchen facilities
  • not already host craft fairs or be too close to another regular craft fair
  • be within 20 minutes or so of Higham Ferrers

Ideally I would also like…

  • flexibility of rooms e.g. as at Saxon hall we can use 1, 2 or 3 rooms depending on how many stalls we have
  • outside space
  • power points of stall holders to use

So if anyone has any ideas please do get in touch! Thank you.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely bank holiday weekend x


Good morning!

Morning all customers! I always appreciate people taking the time to give feedback about what they thought of the crafts fairs I organise. The vast majority of comments have always been really positive, especially regarding the high quality of stalls and friendly atmosphere but constructive comments are also really useful.
I have made changes based on what customers have said, for example, allowing more tables for teas/coffees, having only handmade stalls at the craft fairs and selling crisps. I will now also be starting to sell biscuits and fizzy drinks too. I might be needing a bigger car..!
I just thought I would ask today if there is anything else people would like to comment on regarding the events. Maybe there is something you like or something you think I could add/change? I’m always happy to hear constructive comments as they mean I can improve the craft fairs and provide what customers and stallholders like. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a lovely day 🙂

Thank you to all at Stanwick today :)

Well what a glorious weekend it has been! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the beautiful weather. Today was the Spring Craft Fair at Stanwick Village Hall and I was so impressed with the incredibly high quality of all handmade stalls on offer. Several customers and stallholders commented on how lovely it was to see such a great mixture and all handmade too. We had preserves, upcycled vintage, Lego and scrabble pictures, haberdashery, fabric gifts, clothes, bags, quilts, crochet, photographic prints, face painting, cakes, needle felted animals, lamps, jewellery plus more!

Unfortunately today ended up being a rather quiet event, probably due to the fantastic weather – people obviously preferred to be outside on such a sunny day. I have to say I was so pleased with how positive all the feedback was from both customers and stallholders and how understanding everyone was – and thankfully, keen to come back for future events! Just goes to show that you can advertise as much as you like but some events will naturally be quieter than others.

On reflection, I have decided to cancel the next event at Stanwick as the bigger venues such as Saxon Hall in Raunds seem to draw a bigger crowd (and offer better parking!). I’ll look forward to the next event which is at the Mandeville Hall in Kimbolton on 12th June. See you there! Louise

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A week to go until the Stanwick Craft Fair

Only a week to go until the Spring Craft Fair at Stanwick Village Hall (Sunday 8th May 10am-3pm) so I thought I’d give a little update on what’s been going on since the Handmade, Vintage and Gift Shopping Event last month…

Lots of customers said they had seen the pavement signs I had put around Raunds so I thought I’d make the most of this sort of advertising and treated myself to a laminator! With the help of my lovely hubby I’ve made lots of signs to go by local roads that have a high volume of passing traffic. Fingers crossed lots of people will see them and know about next weekend’s event! If you’ve seen any of the signs please do let me know! I’ll be making more signs so that there’ll be even more for future events.

There’s been lots of other advertising going on too. I’ve distributed well over 3000 flyers to local schools and preschools over the past few weeks and have plans (thanks to some great advice from a customer!) to hand them out at local WI meetings too. We also had a shout out on Thursday Night live radio so thank you for that! Ads have also been published in the Raunds Round Up, Nene Valley News, Kimbolton Parish magazine and Kidz First.

Several stallholders had asked about whether they’d secured a place at various events so I have started allocating stalls for all this year’s events. If you’re in any doubt as to whether or not you have a place on any of the dates please get in touch. There will be a maximum of 2 stalls of each type, e.g. jewellery to ensure a good mix. As I’m getting to know venues I also have a better idea of how many stalls fit in comfortably so can allow more room for customers to sit and have a drink. Feedback is always welcome so if you have any more ideas please let me know.

I’ve been a busy bee and also started working as an Avon Representative! I’ll bring some catalogues along to leave on the coffee tables so please do fill in an order form if anything takes your fancy. You can also shop online: http://www.avon.uk.com/store/louiseslippystore I also have a Facebook page giving updates, reviews and info about offers http://www.facebook.com/louiseslippystore

That’s all for now! Hopefully see you on Sunday 🙂