Nearly New Sales

Advice Needed Please!

I would like to start organising Nearly New Sales at Saxon Hall in Raunds, working on a similar basis to the Handmade, Vintage and Gift Shopping Events where one room is for handmade craft items and the other is for a pregnancy and baby/children’s Nearly New Sale. Ideally these will run every other month on a Saturday.

At the moment, stalls at my events are £20 and run 10am-3pm. Would people be interested in paying this amount for a Nearly New Sale or would a shorter event for £10 be better – either 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm?

I think this would make a fantastic venue for a Nearly New Sale as the hall is in a really prominent position on the High Street and also there are so many families in this area. Whenever I give out leaflets at local schools I’m always overwhelemd with how many large schools there are in this area and what with all the new housing that’s being built locally I feel there’d be plenty of customers as well as stall holders. I would really like people’s opinions so please do let me know what you think! Either comment here or on the Facebook page or send me an email to

Thankyou, Louise



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