Fancy learning to crochet?

I only learned to crochet a couple of years ago but as many of you will know, I am completely hooked! It’s a great hobby that doesn’t cost too much – you just need a crochet hook and some yarn. It doesn’t take lots of setting up so you can literally pick your work up and do 5 minutes and put it back again. It’s quiet so you can happily sit in front of the television in the evening pottering away. It certainly feeds my colour addiction, I have a worryingly large collection of wool – but I feel the need to have a ball in every colour just in case..!

I’ve taught a few friends during the past year so thought I would see if anyone else would like to learn. I can come to your house for 2 hours and teach you the basics – how to cast on, do a chain stitch and treble stitch and show you how to make a granny square. This is one of the best first projects to get used to crocheting with these stitches in the round. For £15, I’ll bring you a ball of yarn and a 4.5mm hook to keep. I’ll also give you a printed pattern for a granny sqaure and the basic stitches for you to refer back to. Why not ask some friends to join you and then you can share colours and create a square like the one shown in the photo. Give me a ring if you would like to book a lesson. Thank you, Louise

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2 thoughts on “Fancy learning to crochet?

  1. Paula Hollis says:

    Hi Louise,
    Could you please contact me about a lesson for myself and daughter as she would love to learn.

    Also do you have any space for your craft fair at Saxon hall Raunds.
    We make items mainly from recycled books.. Hand bags, hedgehogs, folded book art and necklaces.
    I can always show you some items as I live in Raunds.
    I am doing this to help Jessica my daughter raise funds for her to go to New York next year with school.

    Many thanks
    Paula Hollis


    • Hi Paula, I’d be very happy to teach you and your daughter. Just so you’re aware – I am left handed – it hasn’t been an issue for the other people I’ve taught as they’ve been able to mirror me but thought I should let you know in case you think it’ll be off putting! If you’re happy to go ahead, message me on Facebook on the Rainbow Craft events page or give me a ring 07739467007 and we can sort out a convenient time. Thank you


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