Let’s keep things fair at the fair!

So some of you who have been applying for stalls next year might be wondering why there’s a VAT number on the application form, so I thought I’d write this post to explain…

After reading the following blog post I felt very much that this is something I agree with and so, as an event organsier, I should be doing my bit to keep things fair for the vast majority of stallholders who are honest and have registered for self-assessment. So from now on, I will be asking that stall holders confirm that they are registered ( I’m not being nosey so if you would rather not say your VAT number, that’s fine but please just confirm that you do have one!)

I would be really keen for feedback, is this something you agree with? Thank you





4 thoughts on “Let’s keep things fair at the fair!

  1. Megan says:

    Hi, I think you are mixing up a VAT number with a UTR (unique tax deference) number? VAT is not payable until annual turnover is £82,000 a year so few crafters will pay it! Totally agree with your idea though as anyone selling has to be registered as self employed and have a UTR (even if they make no money but are trying to sell) and do a tax return each year xx


    • Ah yes, you are absolutely right! Thank you for your comment, I’ll change it on the application form straight away. It’s all a bit new to me too so it’s a learning curve and so I appreciate the feedback! I’m pleased to hear you agree with the principle though, I do believe in everyone being fair. If some people don’t pay their taxes and so can afford to sell their items at a much cheaper price, it makes the rest of us look like we’re over charging! Again, thank you for your comment, Louise


  2. Hilary Gallup[ t/a Hilaire Handcrafted Decor says:

    Hi. I’ve not yet participated at one of your events, although I hope to do so in the future (2014/15 was my first year of trading instead of just crafting as a hobby). However, my understanding is that forthcoming changes in VAT law may mean that you have to be registered if you are selling to someone who is resident in the EEC but outside the UK, whether or not you have reached the VAT turnover threshold. Of course this probably won’t apply if you only sell face-to-face but it could easily apply if you sell over the internet – especially if your customers can download patterns etc.




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