Choosing stalls for an event

I’ve been asked a few times how I go about choosing which stall holders get a table at each event – Do regular stall holders get priority? Do I choose people who have the most followers on Facebook? And the answer is neither really! I feel very strongly that I want to do everything I can to keep stall holders loyal to Rainbow Craft Events, but equally I also want to encourage customers to be loyal too so having the same 20 stalls at every event isn’t likely to be that popular.

Here are some of the factors I take into account when choosing stall holders for each craft fair:

  • I avoid duplicate stalls. Haivng too many similar stalls isn’t fair for stall holders but also isn’t necessarily very appealing for customers.
  • I choose crafts suitable for that particular event, for example, if someone specialises in making Christmas decorations then they’d be perfect for one of the Christmas craft fairs.
  • I look at the website/ Facebook page/ photos sent to me and choose high quality items I feel customers would enjoy.
  • I don’t necessarily choose people because they have lots of followers on Facebook – sometimes I’ve chosen people for the exact opposite reason, that they’re just starting out and I’d like to support someone who I feel is making great items.
  • I look for craftspeople who live locally to each venue.
  • I always like to find someone who can offer something a bit different so that customers who will hopefully come to many of the events will discover something new each time.
  • I aim to stick as much as possible to handmade items with perhaps 1 or 2 other stalls selling other high quality gifts that I feel would make an interesitng addition to what’s on offer.
  • I try to appeal to both genders and alla ges so try to choose stalls accordingly.

I hope that helps explain. I was so overwhelmed with how many applications I received for the Valentines Craft Fair at Stanwick Village Hall on Sunday 7th February that unfortunately I did have to disappoint some stallholders as there just wasn’t any more room. If you have been turned down, please do not let it put you off applying again for another event as I’ll do my best to fit you in that time.

Finally, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

PS. As always, comments and feedback are very welcome.



Spring Craft Fair in Kimbolton

I’m really excited about this new venue for next year. Kimbolton is a lovely large village with a beautiful high street. You may have heard of the independent school ‘The Kimbolton School’ which is nearby. The Mandeville Hall is in a great location on the main road that runs through the village opposite Budgens. The road leading past is very busy so I’m sure many people will see the banner once it is up outside the hall. There is a free car park next to the hall, primarily for stall holders to use and there is also free parking just past the hall along the high street.

Kimbolton is 7 miles east of Higham Ferrers, 7 miles west of St Neots, 14 miles north of Bedford and 24 miles west of Cambridge so lots of customers nearby!

The first event at this location will be a Spring Craft fair on Sunday 6th March 10am-3pm. If you are interested in applying for a stall (£15) please get in touch by email

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Louise




Closing date approaching..!

Just a little reminder that the closing date for stall applications for the Valentines Craft Fair at Stanwick Village Hall is Sunday 13th December. I am over the moon with the high quality crafts stall holders are showing me, so it’s not going to be easy choosing the stalls for this event. There’s another 7 events booked for 2016 (at the moment..!) so if you don’t get chosen this time please don’t be put off applying for another event.

If you still need to return your application form please can you email it to me asap. I will let everyone know on Monday if they have a spot at the fair.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend, Louise

A week to go to the closing date

Thank you so much for all the application forms I have received so far, it’s definitely going to be a tough job choosing a selection for the Valentines Craft Fair at Stanwick Village Hall on Sunday 7th February. Lots of stall holders are also adding additional dates to thier form which is great. I’ll keep hold of all the application forms and get back in touch with people after the closing date for each event.

I went to the Kimbolton Christmas Fair today at Kimbolton Castle and it was fantastic to meet so many local craftspeople who are interested in joining the Rainbow Craft Events gang! Hopefully I’ll see them again at some of the events next year.

So, there is only a week to go to the closing date (Sunday 13th December) for the Valentines fair so please do remember to send back any outstanding application forms as soon as possible. I think it’s going to be a fabulous event, can’t wait!

Let’s keep things fair at the fair!

So some of you who have been applying for stalls next year might be wondering why there’s a VAT number on the application form, so I thought I’d write this post to explain…

After reading the following blog post I felt very much that this is something I agree with and so, as an event organsier, I should be doing my bit to keep things fair for the vast majority of stallholders who are honest and have registered for self-assessment. So from now on, I will be asking that stall holders confirm that they are registered ( I’m not being nosey so if you would rather not say your VAT number, that’s fine but please just confirm that you do have one!)

I would be really keen for feedback, is this something you agree with? Thank you