First Craft & Vintage Fair of 2017 in Higham Ferrers

Well, first of all a very Happy New Year to all! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, it feels like a long time ago now! I’ve got off to a busy start this January with the Craft & Vintage Fairs in Higham Ferrers and have been making lots of bookings for all of this year’s dates. There are still a few spaces at each event so please do let me know if you’d be interested in coming along.. My email address is rainbowcraftevents@yahoo.co.uk

On Saturday 28th January, we will be holding this year’s first fair at the Working Men’s Club on Westfield Terrace 9am-1pm, at the same time as the ever popular Farmers’ Market. We have a great selection of stalls – lots of lovely handmade items and a growing selection of vintage which I’m really pleased about. I’ve noticed that some craft stallholders have also started selling some vintage items so there’ll be plenty there to suit all tastes! L & D Vintage will be bringing a fabulous range of vintage clothes, jewellery and handbags, while Heritage Vintage and Retro will be bringing lovely vintage and upcycled furniture. Polka Dot Craft, Gift and Vintage will also be selling vintage and handmade home accessories which I’m looking forward to seeing.

We have a great range of handmade items this month including Scrabble pictures, button heart pictures, handmade jewellery, knitted items, yarn and needles, fabric gifts plus lots more! I’ve been busy making cake stands using beautiful vintage plates, cups, saucers and bowls, magnetic pegs to pin photos and pictures to the fridge, felt ball garlands and felt brooches so there really is lots on offer!

9am-10am is HAPPY HOUR! All customers can have a FREE hot drink so it’s worth getting up early and coming straight over! Please do help spread the word about these fabulous Craft & Vintage Fairs by inviting friends on the event page and sharing posts if you like them. It really does help and is much appreciated! I’ve had 6 extra road signs printed as well as 5000 flyers. I gave out 1500 to schools and nurseries this week and am planning to give out about the same next week.

In February we will be using the DOWNSTAIRS of the Band Club on Wharf Road (opposite the Junior School) – we’re not using upstairs any more so no more long flights of stairs! Yippee! At this venue we have more flexibility as we can use the inter-joining rooms. So we will be using the back room as a gift room – selling items which are not handmade or vintage such as Scentsy products which will make a welcome addition. Please do get in touch if you’re interested.

Well I will hopefully see you on January 28th – remember it’s a great opportunity to buy unique gifts for Valentines Day – not long to go now!!

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A fabulous festive morning in Higham Ferrers

Well it was certainly feeling very festive in Higham Ferrers on Saturday morning! It was freezing cold but Santa certainly put a smile on people’s faces at the Market! He was raising money for the NSPCC, a great cause. There were also some lovely carols played by the Rushden Mission Band which really added to the festive spirit. This month, the Craft & Vintage Fair was held upstairs at the Band Club. We had a lovely range of vintage and handcrafted stalls selling vintage clothes and accessories from the 1940s-1960s, crochet, beaded and silver jewellery, lamps made from pipes, coasters and pan stands, fabric gifts, bath bombs, novelty soaps, cards and a whole range of lovely gifts. As always, these events are free entry and there are refreshments and snacks on offer.

There was a lovely atmosphere and although it was a quiet start, things soon picked up as customers made their way over from the market. Obviously it’s not ideal being upstairs and this will be the last time we’ll be using this room. From now on, if we use the Band Club (already booked for Feb 25th) we will be using the whole of downstairs. This also means more people are likely to see the banner outside and there’s more room for stalls, including a room for a Gift Room (not vintage or handmade!!). Most months, we’ll be at the Working Men’s Club which is much easier for customers to access.

Some stallholders have commented that they are happy to be contacted in case of a cancellation, even if it is last minute. I have decided to start a Cancellation list of people I can contact if a space becomes available at short notice. Please let me know if you would like to be added to this list.

After holding 6 Craft & Vintage Fairs in Higham Ferrers, I am keen to get more feedback from local people. If you have been to one, what did you think? What did you like or what can be improved? If you haven’t come along to one yet, what would tempt you to pop along? I’d love to hear any suggestions.

Finally, I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the fabulous stallholders and customers who have supported Rainbow Craft Events this year and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you at next year’s Craft & Vintage Fairs! #SupportHighamFerrers

Farewell to events in Raunds

This first year of organising craft fairs has been a very steep learning curve for me and as with most things, there have been lots of positives but also things which have needed to change along the way. The Higham Ferrers Craft & Vintage Fairs, for example, have been a real success and it’s been great to be able to go to the market for a few hours each time to drum up business and hand out 100s of flyers. Unfortunately, the events in Raunds have become a bit more of a headache…Support hasn’t been great locally and although many stallholders say they have done really well at these events, I’m not as happy with the footfall which is really frustrating as I know how much effort I put into advertising. I’m forever having signs vandalised and spend a lot of money advertising in the Raunds Roundup and distribute 1000s of flyers to local schools etc. Although I hate to have to cancel events I also hate to put on events that I don’t feel confident will be successful for my stallholders so have decided that this is the right decision to make. I have been in email contact with all stallholders involved. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you can understand my decision. Thank you

Handmade, Vintage and Gift Shopping Event in Raunds

A massive thank you to all the lovely stallholders and customers who came to the Handmade, Vintage & Gift Shopping Event in Raunds on Saturday. We had 25 handmade stalls in the larger hall and 15 vintage and gift stalls in the smaller hall as well as refreshments and yummy cakes! Stalls included vintage jewellery and Christmas decorations, cards, wax melts, both handmade and Scentsy, Forever Living, fabric gifts, vintage inspired crochet, knitted items, charity stall, patchwork, printed illustrations, sand art plus plenty more! As it’s been a year since Rainbow Craft Events first started Dawn had made a fantastic birthday cake as well which was delicious! Jamie took some great photos of local families too which went down really well.

Feedback from stallholders was positive and many said they had had a successful day which I am always pleased to hear! For me, I would’ve preferred higher footfall. I always advertise like mad and spent some time on Saturday walking up and down the High Street giving out flyers but there were hardly any people on the High Street to give them to. The ones I did see tended to already be on their way up to the hall. There was always a steady flow of people walking round the hall and most had bags full of things they had bought which is great. We certainly got through a lot of tea and coffee and I sold plenty of craft bags!

On December 3rd 1-3pm we will be holding a Nearly New Sale and Craft Fair at Saxon Hall. There are still spaces in the NNS room so if you would like to book at able please send me an email to rainbowcraftevents@Yahoo.co.uk Stalls are £8 and include a free hot drink, bottle of water and cereal bar.

More spaces at the Band Club in December!

Today was the first time we held a Craft & Vintage Fair at the Band Club on Wharf Road in Higham Ferrers. We usually use the Working Men’s Club but if they’re booked we can use this venue instead. All went well today apart from the expected teething problems with a new venue! I will be making lots more signs to point people in the right direction next time! We had a great footfall and it was fantastic to have a couple of customers come back to see me in the Market where I was handing out flyers and say how impressed they were with the quality if stalls. So lovely to hear positive feedback! We had a great selection of stalls including wood turning, Christmas bauble pictures, fabric gifts, canvas bags, framed pictures plus lots more! Have a look at the photos to get an idea of what was on offer.

We’re back at the WMC in November but December is back at the Band Club. Today we used the hall upstairs but I found out today that in future we can use all 3 rooms downstairs which is brilliant! It means we can have more tables, stallholders don’t have to carry their things upstairs and it means customers who might have problems using stairs won’t have to worry. So all in all, I’m really pleased. It also means that I now have extra spaces at the December Christmas Craft & Vintage Fair on Sat 17th December so if you’re interested please get in touch ASAP and let me know. rainbowcraftevents@yahoo.co.uk

Two events in November – the Christmas Handmade, Vintage and Gift Shopping Event at Saxon Hall, Raunds on Sat 19th November 10am-2pm and the Craft & Vintage Fair at the WMC, Higham Ferrers on Sat 26th November 9am-1pm. Hope to see you there!

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Advertising Ideas Please!

As with all the events I organise I work really hard to advertise as much as I can to get as many people through the door as possible. I hand out 1000s of flyers every month during events, at the Farmers’ Market in Higham Ferrers, to schools, nurseries, shops, cafes, hairdressers etc. I advertise in the Raunds Roundup which is distributed to many houses in and around Raunds. I submit articles to the Nene Valley News every fortnight and they’re usually published along with ads for upcoming events. I put posters up in shops etc in Higham Ferrers, Raunds and other areas such as Wellingborough, Rushden and Irthlingborough. I advertise wherever I can online such as stallfinder, stall and craft collective, wherecanwego and radio stations such as Heart and Connect FM. I also regularly share events and posters on all the local Facebook pages and groups. Banners go outside each venue and signs are placed around the local areas before each event.

However, I am still looking for more ways! I’m particularly keen to get more people to subscribe to events on Facebook and click ‘going’ or ‘interested’ on each event page. To a certain extent, I’m sure this will all continue to grow with time – Rainbow Craft Events has been running for less than a year so I feel proud of what has been achieved so far and feel confident that as events become more established interest and footfall will steadily rise. This year has been a massive learning curve for me, from trying out different venues and learning from mistakes along the way. Stallholders and customers are always so positive which is so kind and any constructive feedback is genuinely very useful.

So if you have any good ideas for more ways of advertising events and encouraging more customer participation on Facebook, I’d love to hear from you! rainbowcraftevents@yahoo.co.uk or contact me via facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rainbowcraftevents

Thank you! Here are the new flyers ready to distribute!

Remember the next event is the Craft & Vintage Fair on Saturday 29th October 9am-1pm. This month we are at the BAND CLUB on WHARF ROAD. Please be aware that the hall we will be using is accessed by a flight of stairs. See you there!

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Nearly New Sale and Craft Fair in Raunds

Yesterday was the first Nearly New Sale & Craft Fair at Saxon Hall in Raunds and I’m really pleased with how it all went! It’s always a gamble when you try something new but thankfully yesterday was a successful event! In the larger hall there were 25 craft tables selling all handmade items and as usual, there were plenty of compliments on the high quality of items ranging from chocolate novelties, hand sewn items, wood turning, book folding, preserves, greeting cards and gift boxes, crochet and plenty more.

In the second hall was a Nearly New Sale for people selling baby and children’s clothes, toys, books, equipment etc. There were also refreshments and books and colouring for the little ones. This room proved especially popular and lots of customers left with bags full of bargains!

Seeing as the Nearly New Sale was so popular, and as I unfortunately had to turn a lot of people down for tables as we filled up so quickly, I will be switching the rooms at the next one on Saturday 3rd December. This will also mean there will be more room for people to move between tables and prevent any traffic jams with all the buggies! If you would like to book a NNS table please email me for more info rainbowcraftevents@yahoo.co.uk or get in touch via Facebook http://www.facebook.com/rainbowcraftevents. Thank you

The first hour was incredibly busy yesterday which was great and the second hour, as you might expect was a bit quieter. 3-4pm proved rather too quiet though so future NNS/Craft Fairs will now be held 1-3pm instead and all tables will be priced at £8. As with everything, you learn with experience so thank you for any feedback which was given yesterday. I do read it all and any constructive advice is always taken into consideration. Thankfully, the vast majority of feedback was positive with people commenting on the friendly atmosphere, good organisation and amount they had sold. I’m looking forward to the next one now!!

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